06/29/2012 10:33 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Rihanna, Lady Gaga And 8 More Worst-Dressed Stars This Week (PHOTOS)

Whether it was too many fads worn at one time (military, fringe and wedge booties, oh my!) or a blast from the past that we wish would stay there (Leggings? In public? Really?), this week was a case of trend overload.

We also saw the most rare of fashion birds: The hoof shoe. It takes a real zealot to pull off this kind of footwear -- literally. There's usually no heel, so assistance is required in the most mundane of activities, including walking.

Check out our roundup of the week's worst-dressed stars. Do you agree with us? Then head over to our best-dressed gallery and tell us if we missed anyone.

For more badly-dressed stars click here.

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Worst-Dressed Celebrities Of The Week

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