Nine-year-old Tom Spicer is something of a magician. Only instead of rabbits and hats, his tricks involve frat-boy favorites: ping-pong balls and plastic cups. This kid isn't just another grade-schooler playing at grown-up games, though.

When Tom's dad Neil noticed his son's talent, he apparently upped the stakes. Instead of having Tom simply throw balls across a table, dad helped set up expert-level tricks with props like a trash can, a skateboard and a trampoline. Naturally, dad got this all on camera and uploaded the video to YouTube; the Internet has been wowed by the results.

This clip isn't the first one Neil made to showcase his son's talents. In April 2011, Channel 9 news in Australia called Tom a "little legend" after dad uploaded a different -- but equally impressive -- compilation. Best of all, the latest clip is only a preview (the end says "full video coming soon"). We can't wait to see what's next.

(h/t BuzzFeed)

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