07/02/2012 03:12 pm ET

Moby Song By Adam Buxton Answers All Your Moby Questions (VIDEO)

It's so hard to keep who Moby is straight these days. If only there were some kind of easy to follow video that explained the difference between Moby and every other bald, bespectacled celebrity.

Good news, folks. THIS is that video.

UK comedian and actor Adam Buxton has been making hilariously bizarre videos for years. If you aren't familiar with his name, he's the guy whose head exploded in "Hot Fuzz." Yeah, that guy. Buxton is also one half of BBC Radio's Adam & Joe, alongside "Attack The Block" director Joe Cornish, and he hosts a show called BUG.

His latest bit of inspiration is the aforementioned "Moby Song (Director's Cut)," which finally explains this whole Moby thing. Check out the video above and follow Buxton on twitter here.


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