Rob Lowe, Mariah Carey and Mickey Rourke all made it clear: America loves a good comeback story, even more when the return of a celebrity to the public eye takes us by surprise. Below, a random-but-right gallery of stars we'd like to see make a comeback in 2012, from Michael Keaton to Jessica Biel to Lindsay Lohan (that last one is going to happen. Right? Right?).

Read through, then add your own celebrity comeback wish list to the comments.

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  • <strong>Who:</strong> Neve Campbell <strong>Why she should make a comeback:</strong> She's best known for her roles in '90s things like "Wild Things" and "Party Of Five," but here's the catch -- Campbell can really, really act. The star blew critics away in one of directing legend Robert Altman's last films, 2003's "The Company," as a ballerina struggling for greatness (seven years<em> before </em>Natalie Portman donned a tutu for "Black Swan").

  • Orlando Bloom

    <strong>Who:</strong> Orlando Bloom <strong>Why we think he'll may a comeback: </strong>Before he was playing daddy duty with Miranda Kerr and their adorable son Flynn, Bloom, 35, was one of Hollywood's hottest young actors, having acted alongside Cate Blanchett ("Lord of the Rings") and Brad Pitt ("Troy").

  • <strong>Who: </strong>Amerie <strong>Why we want her to make a comeback: </strong>We miss the R&B singer's crazy-catchy music and smart songwriting. And because 2005's <a href="" target="_hplink">"1 Thing" </a>was the "best Beyonce song Beyonce never wrote" (at least, according to HuffPost Entertainment reporter Joe Satran).

  • <strong>Who:</strong> Jared Leto <strong>Why he should make a comeback:</strong> Because he's so beautiful, it hurts. And because we have a sneaking suspicion that the "My So-Called Life" star's acting chops are slightly better than his fashion sense.

  • <strong>Who:</strong> Britney Spears <strong>Why she should make a comeback:</strong> America's reigning pop princess hasn't gone anywhere, per se, but her moment to be in a living room near you comes this fall, when she makes her debut as an "X Factor" judge.

  • <strong>Who: </strong>Michael Keaton <strong>Why he should make a comeback:</strong> 1998's ridiculous "Jack Frost" (in which Keaton goes from singer to snowman) killed him off in many a critic's eye, but a "Beetlejuice" sequel could spark the comeback from the quintessential '90s funnyman.

  • <strong>Who:</strong> Liv Tyler <strong>Why she should make a comeback:</strong> Her famous father Steven has proved that longevity runs in the "Armageddon" and "The Lord of the Rings" star's family.

  • <strong>Who: </strong>Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt <strong>Why we think they'll make a comeback:</strong> Nostalgia for the original reality TV famewhores who yukked it up for MTV's "The Hills." Plus, we're getting tired of the Kardashians.

  • <strong>Who:</strong> Kevin Costner: <strong>Why he should make a comeback: </strong>Costner resurfaced out of nowhere when friend Whitney Houston died, delivering one of the most compelling eulogies at her funeral. Add to that his recent performance in the TV miniseries "Hatfields & McCoys," and we suddenly realized we need more Bull Durham in our lives.

  • <strong>Who:</strong> Jessica Biel <strong>Why she should make a comeback:</strong> A high-profile engagement to Justin Timberlake and <a href="" target="_hplink">weirdly futuristic outfit at the MTV Movie Awards</a> isn't enough to reestablish Biel's credibility as an actress. After flops like "Valentine's Day" and "New Year's Eve," she needs a hit movie, and badly.

  • <strong>Who: </strong>Winona Ryder <strong>Why should she make a comeback: </strong> A small but memorable appearance as a former ballerina in 2010's "Black Swan" left us wanting more. Also: Winona forever.

  • <strong>Who:</strong> Lindsay Lohan <strong>Why she should make a comeback:</strong> The 26-year-old actress has had her fair share of problems, from cars to cocaine to incarceration, but an upcoming Liz Taylor biopic and newly repentant 'tude means we're all still secretly rooting for her.

  • Who: Joey Lawrence Why he should make a comeback: Random but true: The "Blossom" star showed off his incredible figure as a celebrity guest in a three-week stint as a Chippendale. You can't get into shape that good fo' nothin! Whoa!

  • Keri Russell

    <strong>Who:</strong> Keri Russell <strong>Why she should make a comeback: </strong>2007's heartfelt "Waitress" proved that Russell was more than just a teen star; then the actress gave birth to son River Russell Deary and disappeared all over again. Now that she's given birth to a second, daughter Willa Lou, in January, we say it's time to come back.