Larry David Subjected To TMZ Reporter's Birthday Rap (VIDEO)

07/03/2012 09:07 pm ET

Larry David had another real-life "Curb Your Enthusiasm" moment this week courtesy of TMZ, only this time he wasn't trapped in a parking lot.

While leaving a restaurant in Venice, CA, a TMZ reporter approached him, camera ready, and asked if he could sing him a birthday rap (David celebrated his 65th birthday on July 2). The "Curb" star agreed, but you could tell it was the last thing he wanted to hear.

We're not sure if it was the sup-bar rhymes (for example, "Larry David, he's the best/ Happy Birthday/ From the heart inside my chest") or the reporter's tendency to walk backwards into oncoming traffic that frustrated David the most, but his reaction contains the same sarcastic outrage that has made us laugh all these years.

Via Vulture

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