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Summer Perfumes: The Best Lightweight Scents For Hot Weather

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Wearing perfume in the summer can be tricky: On the one hand, hot, sticky days means we could all use a little blast of something to quickly freshen up, but an overpowering heavy scent is the last thing we're reaching for in this heat wave. Of course, there's fragrance's lightweight summer-appropriate cousin -- the splash -- but there are also a handful of other breezy scent options (and a few workarounds) we're employing this summer to maintain that fine line of smelling good but not causing everyone in the elevator to faint. Keep these five guidelines in mind when buying your next summer perfume, then check out ten of our favorite blends in the gallery below.

Less (ingredients) is more: Avoid complex blends, which will just overpower and transform after a couple hours. A few isolated citrus notes, like crisp pink grapefruit, mandarin and lime, will feel fresh and summer-specific. And, perhaps most importantly, will continue to smell that way throughout the day and into the night.

Consider floral water: The lightest of the lightweights, this barely-there essence is incredible appealing. Further appealing is floral water's many varied uses: spritz it on as a balancing face tonic, linen refresher or a light touch in bath water.

Switch up your spray formulations for a solid or roll-on perfume: If you still want to wear a bolder scent, a little bit on your wrists and neck will diffuse the heaviness that comes along with a traditional spray perfume.

Look for oil-based perfumes or pure essential oils: While a little goes a long way with oil-based fragrances, these do wonderful things when skin starts to warm up. Some of our favorite essential oils are jasmine, neroli, orange blossom and lily of the valley. Look for them in perfume form or pure essential oils. And, please, keep in mind that a little dab will do ya.

Heavier scents work better in the evening: They're moodier, and therefore feel more appropriate for nighttime. We love green, earthy scents like fig, sage, rhubarb, and even certains woods, which are bold but are still warm weather-appropriate.

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Lightweight Summer Scents
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