“As life’s pleasures go, food is second only to sex,” actor and comedian Alan King wrote in his memoir, “Is Salami and Eggs Better Than Sex?" But according to a new survey, for many women -- 39 percent to be exact -- food actually trumps sex.

The online survey, which examined how singles feel about food and its relationship to dating, was conducted by TODAY.com and Match.com. Four thousand singles participated, answering questions about their dating habits, turn-ons and turn-offs. One question asked participants whether -- if forced to choose -- they would rather give up sex for a year or give up their favorite food. Thirty-nine percent of women chose food over sex; only 16 percent of men answered the same.

The results revealed some other preferences singles bring to the dating game, especially when food and alcohol come into play. Looks like vegetarians especially may need to work on their game.

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  • Go Back To Basics

    The simplest, most traditional date formats are still favorites, according to the survey results. Over 90 percent of male participants said that a dinner date is perfect when you're starting to see someone.

  • Drinking Is A Big Part Of Dating

    While this may not come as a surprise to anyone, 43 percent of people reported ordering a drink most of the time on a date. However, a large percentage said they take a cue from the person they're going on the date with. Forty percent of participants said that if their date wasn't drinking, they'd abstain too.

  • But When It Comes To Alcohol, Exercise Caution -- Especially If You Date Women

    Seventy percent of women surveyed said that they considered it a turnoff when a date had more to drink than they did. On the flip side, 23 percent of men reported being put off when a date didn't drink at all.

  • Being A Foodie Is A Turn-On

    Food knowledge can be a big plus for some singles. Seventy percent of people said that they enjoyed when their date knew a lot about food and wine pairings, and 66 percent said that they would be turned off if their date didn't want to try certain foods. Picky eaters, beware.

  • Vegetarians Have It Hard

    For some carnivores, a date's vegetarian status is a deal-breaker. Thirty percent of meat-lovers reported that they wouldn't date someone who didn't eat meat. Only 4 percent of vegetarians said they wouldn't date someone who ate meat.

  • There Are People Who Like When A Date Flirts With The Waiter

    Granted, it's only 4 percent, but still. Unsurprisingly, 87 percent of people said that watching their date flirt with the waiter or waitress wasn't fun. So keep your eyes on the person you're dating -- or your delicious non-vegetarian fare.

  • If You're Giving Up Sex, You'll Give It Up For Chocolate Cake

    Those people who said they would choose food over sex said they'd do it for only two favorite items. Chocolate cake was number one. Number two? A big steak. Would you give up sex for either?