How To Make It Rain: 1,216 Copper Raindrops Fall Over Singapore Airport (VIDEO)

07/05/2012 11:58 am ET

Have you ever wished you could witness the beauty of a rainfall without the hassle of getting wet?

Berlin new media designers ART + COM has choreographed a 15-minute rainfall with 1,216 metal raindrops. We found this hypnotizing video on This Is Colossal, and we were mesmerized. The raindrops, made from copper-coated aluminum, are computationally controlled by motors in the ceiling. The shimmering objets d'art rise and fall in an elegant dance, appearing to float in mid-air.

According to The Creator's Project, the designers aimed to "develop a work which used contemplative movements to contrast and perhaps sooth people in the manic atmosphere of travel." The piece, one of the largest kinetic sculptures in existence, is installed at Changi Airport in Singapore, giving us the rare urge to travel around the world just to see an airport.

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