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Mitt Romney's 'Lemonade' Gaffe: What's His Inner Monologue Really Like? (PICTURES)

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When Mitt Romney took a sip of lemonade on the Fourth of July and described the beverage as "Lemon. Wet. Good," it was only the latest example of Mitt's rather unusual way of communicating with other human beings.

It's easy to poke fun at his more innocuous verbal gaffes, because anyone who speaks in public for a living is bound to spout some nonsense every now and then. But sometimes we seriously wonder whether he needs to get these strange verbal tics under control before he's ready for higher office.

But that's not to say we don't still find his style endlessly amusing. In light of his lemonade description, here's what else we imagine was running through Mitt's brain when he had his photo taken.

Mitt Romney's Inner Monologue
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