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This Is How You Explode A Watermelon With Rubber Bands (VIDEO)

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YouTube: tumediacorp

How many rubber bands does it take to burst a watermelon? A video circulating around the Internet shows a group of men putting the question to the test.

The grand experiment appears to have been conducted in 2008 at the latest, but Reddit users have been having a field day with it. Reddit user john_jones_ offers a translation:

The video starts out saying, there's a myth that says a watermelon will explode with 50 rubber bands ... will it?

The men in the video get up to 500 bands, at which point the now-warped sides of the watermelon begin to seep juice from within. They attempt to put on a few more bands, and ... KABOOM!

Watch the exploding watermelon for yourself in the video below.

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