07/06/2012 04:09 pm ET

Reva Stevenson's Family And Police At Odds Over Missouri Missing Person Investigation

Police and the family of Reva Stevenson, a missing Missouri woman, are at odds over the circumstances of her disappearance. One side believes she was abducted against her will, while the other suspects Stevenson is on the run.

"She was kidnapped and now the cops are saying she is basically a fugitive. They are not treating [the case] like they should," Stevenson's sister, Holly Mayer, told The Huffington Post.

Capt. Dave Keller, of the Pettis County Sheriff's Department, has a different take.

"Technically, she is a missing person but we don't believe she is in any danger at all or anywhere that she doesn't want to be," Keller told HuffPost.

Authorities began investigating the case when they received a distressing 911 call on June 19. The caller told police that 29-year-old Stevenson had been abducted from her Sedalia home by an armed assailant. The man, described as a white male, allegedly fired off several shots during the incident.

"She was taken at gunpoint," Mayer said. "She didn't want to go."

Keller confirmed that shots were fired, but said investigators do not believe the action was directed toward Stevenson.

"He was not attacking her. He was intimidating the people she was staying with," the veteran detective said.

After the man fired the shots, he and Stevenson left on foot. They were last seen walking along 32nd Street in Sedalia. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

Authorities have declined to release the man's name. They said they are withholding his identity until the Pettis County Prosecutor's Office decides what, if anything, he will be charged with.

According to Mayer, the man had dated her sister. She said he had recently threatened Stevenson with a gun when she tried to leave him.

"I think she was kidnapped and she is in a circumstance that she can't get out of," Mayer said. "The person that she's with is dangerous and is running from the law."

Keller said there are outstanding warrants on the man and Stevenson -- warrants unrelated to this most recent development -- and they took off of their own accord.

"They both have got warrants... We think they are running from us," he said.

Stevenson is described as a white female, approximately 5'6" tall, 100 pounds with shoulder length brown hair and a thin build. She was last seen wearing a striped jacket and jeans. Authorities have not released a description of the man she is allegedly with. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Pettis County Sheriff's Office at 660-827-0052. For more information, visit, "Let's Bring Reva Stevenson Home Safe" on Facebook.


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