Even though Mayberry, N.C. is a fictional town, fans looking to pay homage to Andy Griffith and his eponymous show can still visit the next best place: Los Angeles, Calif.

The Los Angeles Times points to a hiking trail around a man-made reservoir in Franklin Canyon that was used to film the show's opening credits: Sheriff Andy Taylor and his son, Opie, walking to a lake with fishing poles in hand.

Learn how to access the trail at Franklin Canyon and watch how this father-son recreation of the show's opening credits compares to the original.

Watch a recreation of the credits, filmed at Franklin Canyon:

Watch the original opening credits for "The Andy Griffith Show":

Other filming locations around town include the Witt-Thomas Studio in Hollywood, where all the interior scenes were filmed, and the corner of Higuera Street and Hayden Place in Culver City, where the original Mayberry courthouse used to be, notes Yahoo.

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