07/09/2012 05:06 pm ET

Tame Impala, 'Apocalypse Dreams' Streaming And Free Download (AUDIO)

If Tame Impala were from Brooklyn, then one might unflinchingly say that their new song, "Apocalypse Dreams," which the band shared today, sounds like if the Beatles were from Bushwick, circa summer 2009.

Alas, they're from Australia.

Is it "Lucy in the Sky" with Todd P.? Not exactly, but if you can vibe on its airy waves of crashing fuzz-phase-reverb, rollicking drums and fab faux vocals, you might have gotten kaleidoscope-eyed at many a Market Hotel show.

It's tough to say what this particular apocalypse dream entails, but at least its vague cataclysm is served up stylishly.

"Apocalypse Dreams" is just a teaser for Tame Impala's upcoming album, Lonerism, out later this year on Modular Recordings. That record's first proper single, "Elephant," will be released later this month, according to NME.

LISTEN: "Apocalypse Dreams" By Tame Impala:

WATCH: Tame Impala's Teaser For Lonerism: