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Lake Elsinore Unified School District Employees Held "Kinky Sex" Talks, Wore Hats With Plastic Genitals At District Retreats

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Wikimedia Commons

Hats with plastic genitals and "kinky sex" talks may seem like activities out of a bachelorette party, but for the Lake Elsinore Unified School District in California, it was all apart of an annual retreat for officials, the Press-Enterprise reports.

Now, Kathryn Jones, a 42-year-old former associate principal at Temescal Canyon High School has filed a lawsuit against the district -- claiming she was demoted to assistant principal at Luiseno Elementary School after she "repeatedly complained" the retreat's activities were offensive.

In an interview with the paper, Jones said the retreat events became increasingly bizarre over the years. In 2008, there were cross-dressing skits and a 2011 video shows a male district employees pretending to engage in sex acts with each other, according to court documents.

Jones told the Press-Enterprise that she got into a "tearful confrontation" with a school administrator over having to wear a hat she found offensive, and though the district employee ultimately backed down, the plantiff told the paper she felt discriminated against.

“You just shake your head at something like this,” Jones' attorney Andrew Rosenberry said. “The conduct is so outrageous.”

As WND notes, however, school board member Jeanie Corral says she doesn't find anything wrong with the activities.

“There was nothing that I found offensive,” Corral said.

Last year, Northwestern University psychology professor J. Michael Bailey apologized for controversy that erupted after he demonstrated the use of a sex toy in his class.

Despite his apology, Bailey said he still saw "absolutely no harm" in his demonstration, adding he had "repeatedly" warned the discussion would be graphic.

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