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07/10/2012 05:39 pm ET

Omar Abu Jariban Death: Israeli Police Get 30 Months In Prison For Leaving Palestinian For Dead

Two Israeli policemen went below and beneath the call of duty in 2008 when they left an injured Palestinian car thief to die on the side of a road -- and now, they'll have the next 30 months to contemplate the crime.

Baruch Peretz and Assaf Yakutiel were sentenced on Monday by an Israeli court in connection with the death of Omar Abu Jariban, who the officers left by a deserted West Bank road in the dark of night, according to Xinhua news agency.

Abu Jariban, a Palestinian man, was seriously injured after he crashed a stolen car on Route 6 in Israel, according to Haaretz. Abu Jariban was taken to Sheba Medical Center for treatment of broken bones and neurological injuries. He was released for jail transfer two weeks later, according to Haaretz still attached to a catheter.

Yet Chief Inspector Baruch Peretz ordered Abu Jariban be transferred back to Gaza, against police procedure, YNet News reports. Officer Assaf Yakutiel took the injured Abu Jariban to a road near the detention center, abandoning him with no food or water and wearing only his hospital gown.

Abu Jariban was found dead from dehydration two days later, according to Xinhua.

Peretz and Yakutiel were convicted of depraved indifference and negligent homicide in May 2012, YNet News notes.

"I find it hard to understand how, despite being fully aware of the detainee's physical and mental state, they were unable to see and understand the distress of a man born in God's image," Jerusalem judge Haim Lee-Ran said during Peretz's and Yakutiel's sentencing. He described their actions as "ugly and nauseating."

According to Haaretz, the judge gave his sentence to deter other police from similar conduct. Both men's lawyers said they plan to appeal the ruling.

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