07/11/2012 11:13 am ET

Embarrassing Stories: Redditors Share Their 'Most Horrifying Moment In School' Stories

If there's one thing that should comfort you after the most embarrassing moment of your life -- whether you walked back to class with toilet paper stuck to your shoe or did something totally cringe-worthy in front of your crush -- it's that we've all been there. Literally, everyone has had at least one horrific experience in elementary, middle or high school that, unfortunately, they'll never forget.

Yesterday, the Reddit community shared their most singularly mortifying moments growing up. Whether it's being pantsed in front of an entire gym class or chewing on a red pen and then having it spill all over your face, the one thing these stories all have in common is that they'll make you feel a whole lot better about your own traumarama.

So laugh -- or cry -- along as you read 10 of the Reddit responses in the slideshow below.

What's your most horrifying moment ever in school? Don't be shy -- tell us in the comments below or boil it down to 140 characters and tweet @HuffPostTeen!

Redditors' Most Horrifying School Experiences