07/11/2012 03:25 pm ET

Jose Canseco Old Milwaukee Commercials: Beer Ads Star Former Slugger (VIDEO)

Jose Canseco knows about honor in baseball. The disgraced MLB star (turned must-follow Twitter personality) knows about it in the same way that a career criminal likely knows a lot about the law. His past trespasses and his present idiosyncrasies make him the surprise star of a recent series of commercials for Old Milwaukee that tout the value of not cheating.

According to AdWeek, at least two beer commercials starring Canseco aired Monday night during the MLB Home Run Derby exclusively in the Kansas City Market.

In one of these Old Milwaukee ads, Canseco sports a uniform with his own name across the chest while he recasts the recent struggles of the Royals in a heroic light.

"You didn't go into a slump," Canseco says. "The rest of the world started cheating. Here's to not cheating, KC."


In another ad, Canseco announces that he's back. Indeed. Old Milwaukee is hoping that his fans might wants to drink to that.


WATCH: Jose Canseco Selling Beer