07/11/2012 03:39 pm ET

Katie Holmes' Mother Joins Her In New York For Support

Newly divorced Katie Holmes, who was rumored to have been monitored during and after her relationship with Tom Cruise, has someone new watching over her: her mother, Kathleen.

In a fresh set of photographs, Kathleen can be seen with her daughter and grandchild, Suri, in New York City, and has practically moved in with Katie during this difficult time.

“Kathleen came to New York to be with Katie when all this went down,” said a resident of the building where Katie’s new three-bedroom apartment is located. “You can see how close they are with each other. Just like the rest of us, there is nothing like having your mom around in times of crisis.”

Shortly after Holmes and Cruise started dating, a Scientology monitor/friend was constantly at her side, even answering questions for her during interviews. Since then, Katie was rarely alone, followed constantly by security teams hired by Tom. But now Katie has turned to her mom and dad, Martin Holmes, to be by her side.

“You can see the relief on her mother's face,” one insider tells me. “She looks so happy to have her baby back. I can’t imagine how hard the past seven years must have been for Katie’s family.”


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