07/11/2012 05:53 pm ET

Noe Valley Bird Attacks: Local Residents Complain of Bizarre Assaults (VIDEO)

Noe Valley is under attack.

For the past three months, a pair of black birds has taken to assaulting unsuspecting pedestrians as they walk past 24th and Church Streets.


"They're pretty aggressive. It's kind of shocking, actually," neighborhood resident Greg Delory told KTVU.

The unrelenting attacks have turned neighbors against the animals' aggressive defense of their nest, which is the most likely explanation for their strange behavior.

“I appreciate that they need to guard their nest,” Aaron Zamost, who lives in a house next to the birds' hangout, told NBC. “Except the nest isn’t in the tree anymore so I’m not really sure what they’re doing.”

San Francisco's animal care and control posted signs throughout the neighborhood warning walkers to beware of the birds. Still, not even crossing the street has kept pedestrians safe.

“We cross the street and we walk on the other side of the sidewalk,” resident Adriana Arguetta told NBC. “But I’ve heard stories from people in the neighborhood -- the bird crosses the street.”

Even though the birds are just little black sparrows, Noe Valleyans are thoroughly frightened.

"If birds fly around me, it scares me," one neighbor told SF Weekly's The Snitch.

Watch the video below to see the terrifying attacks in action:

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