Down here in South Florida, we grow NFL athletes like Kudzu. Our NBA title-winning team has two hometown players. And we're generally all-around badass at most things, unless it's arriving on time.

It follows, then, that our humble metro area is sending more than a dozen athletes to the Summer Olympics in London -- and we're not even counting LeBron James, whom Ohio has clearly forsaken and should totally count for us.

Check out which SoFla superstars are headed across the pond to wear the American (?) beret -- and don't forget to read up on the 9 -- 9! -- Olympians raised elsewhere but representing the University of Miami.

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  • Laura Bennett

    Sport: Triathlon Hometown: North Palm Beach DOB: 4/25/1975

  • Foluke Akinradewo

    Sport: Volleyball (Middle Blocker) Hometown: Plantation DOB: 10/5/1987

  • Brian Fatih

    Sport: Sailing (Men's Keelboat) Hometown: Miami DOB: 10/18/1972

  • Sylvia Fowles

    Sport: Basketball (Center) Hometown: Miami DOB: 10/6/1985

  • Manuel Huerta

    Sport: Triathlon Hometown: Miami DOB: 3/22/1984

  • Danell Leyva

    Sport: Gymnastics (Artistic) Hometown: Homestead DOB: 10/30/1991

  • Sarah Lihan (Right)

    Sport: Sailing (Women's 2-Person Dingy) Hometown: Fort Lauderdale DOB: 8/15/1988

  • Tony McQuay

    Sport: Track (400 Meters) Hometown: West Palm Beach DOB: 4/16/1990

  • Mark Mendelblatt

    Sport: Sailing (Men's Keelboat) Hometown: Miami DOB: 2/19/1973

  • Robin Prendes

    Sport: Rowing (Lightweight Men's Four) Hometown: Miami DOB: 12/13/1988

  • Sanya Richards-Ross

    Sport: Track (400 Meters, 200 Meters) Hometown: Fort Lauderdale DOB: 2/26/1985

  • Anna Tunnicliffe (Left)

    Sport: Sailing (Elliott 6M) Hometown: Plantation DOB: 10/17/1982

  • Serena Williams and Venus Williams

    Sport: Tennis (Singles, Doubles) Hometowns: Palm Beach Gardens and Coral Gables DOB: 9/26/1981 and 6/17/1980