07/11/2012 01:12 pm ET | Updated Jul 11, 2012

Roy Choi On Kogi: Korean-American Chef Talks Food, Philosophy (VIDEO)


The man who brought us Kogi speaks!

Roy Choi, the creator and chef behind the incredibly popular Korean-style food trucks spoke to Nowness about his conceptions of food and his perceptions of Los Angeles.

Choi, who also is behind A-Frame, Chego, Sunny Spot and the Alibi Room, compared a scrumptious-looking pork bowl from Chego to a mural, claiming, "This bowl, to me, looks like Los Angeles." He goes on to tell Angelenos that Kogi, among his other restaurants, was always about "cooking for you as if I was your grandmother."

And amid recent talk that Choi is going vegetarian, he affirmed his respect for animals, noting that "they died for us, so once they get to us, we give them the best treatment we can."

Watch Choi wax philosophical on food, life, and spirituality below.


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