Coral Gables Shake Shack Opening: Photos From The Housewarming Party (PHOTOS)

07/12/2012 03:16 pm ET
  • Jipsy

"If Shake Shack comes to a town near you, get excited. Nice prices for a decent portion of food. Let's not get all super sized and what not, but you pay for the taste and experience of this burger.

Their new SmokeShack is spicy and after trying it, I wasn’t crazy about the cherry peppers, but the Niman Ranch all-natural applewood smoked bacon could have been served alone and I would have enjoyed as an appetizer!

Great crowd, mostly friends and corporate people, but a few UM students trickled in to get a look and try the menu. Perfect location, lots of TVs, great lighting and plenty of seats -- Shake Shack will be a top choice in the area. Delicious food plus a hungry college crowd sounds like success to me.

Welcome to the hood, Shake Shack." -- Jipsy

Shake Shack Housewarming Party