The best financial advice for wealthy women who want to be even wealthier?

Divorce your husband, apparently.

In a new survey by financial consulting firm Spectrem Group, 62 percent of high-income divorced women (with a net worth of least $1 million) said they were better off financially after their divorces.

“In our face-to-face interviews, many wealthy divorced women told us that they feel they are better with money and investments than their former husbands,” George Walper, Jr., president of Spectrem Group, said in a press release.

The survey's findings check out with a recent Pew Research Center report which found that 20 percent of women see income gains of more than 25 percent after a split.

Still, many divorced women don't see the same financial benefits. A 2009 British study suggested that the average divorcee's income drops by more than a fifth and remains low in the years following the split.

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Happy Kids Divorce More
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A University of Cambridge study released in February 2011 found that happy teens are more likely to divorce than their less-happy counterparts. Researchers used data from 2,776 teens ages 13-15 who participated in a 1946 British cohort study, in which their teachers rated their happiness levels at the time. The researchers then went back to those same people at ages 36, 43, and 53 and measured their incidence of mental disorder, life satisfaction, and social lives -- including divorce. The teens who had received the highest happiness ratings divorced at a higher rate (20.4 %) than the other, less-happy study participants.

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