We all have our dreams, man. But for some reason when our dogs are snoozing, their dream sounds and faces are a whole lot funnier than ours.

Whether they're thinking of a chase scene or just snoring a little louder than usual, these guys know how to entertain us without even trying. It's a gift.

We've rounded up 13 of our favorite dreaming dogs to celebrate this phenomenon in dog culture. Be sure to vote for your favorites!

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  • Just Keep Running

    In his dream he definitely caught the guy.

  • Dog With A Sense of Humor

    He must be thinking about Huffington Post Comedy

  • Protecting the family in his sleep

    He will not let any intruder pass!

  • Video Game Dog

    That can not be a comfortable sleeping position.

  • Pugs Snoring

    Two pugs are better than one!

  • Something is amiss

  • Puppy sleeping

    This just got super serious!

  • Another dreaming pup

    The cuteness is too much.

  • Puppy disturbing dream

    "Oh, when will I grow up to be a big dog?"

  • English bulldog

    He's a very proper sleeper.

  • Asleep?

    He does not want to be disturbed!

  • A little sneeze

    It was nice of his owner to give him a pillow.

  • A celebrity dog

    Adam Sandler's dog is adorable