"Do you like my new hat? It's new."

It's Friday, it's late, we're tired and we're just not sure who we are anymore. If only we had something new in our lives to show us the way. Something like a new hat.

Yeah, a new hat would fix everything. Just look what new hats have done for these people.

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  • I just got this new hat.

    It's new.

  • Check out my new hat!

    It's new.

  • Dude, I totally got a new hat.

    It's new.

  • You probably wish you had a new hat like this.

    It's new.

  • Dad got a new hat, yo.

    It's new.

  • This new hat will brighten up my life.

    It's new.

  • I'm not sure about this new hat.

    But it's new.

  • My new hat is fur-lined.

    And it's new.

  • I just changed my whole look with this new hat.

    It's new.

  • My new hat matches my lamp.

    It's new.

  • What do you think of my new gator hat?

    It's new.

  • My new hat completes my new outfit.

    They're new.

  • This new hat makes me more thoughtful.

    Plus, it's new.

  • I thought I would be happier with this new hat but I'm not.

    Still, it's new.

  • Look at my crazy new hat!

    It's new. And so crazy!

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