Allison Leclaire thought she was meeting her boyfriend Craig Jones for lunch in Bryant Park on June 9 -- but she was in for quite an elaborate surprise.

It started with a choreographed flash mob dancing to Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel." Then -- surprise! -- a marching band takes the field and plays a brassy version of the 1962 hit "Hey! Baby."

The band leader turns out to be none other Craig, who takes a knee and pops the question. Allison can barely contain herself, though she does manage to accept, of course.

ABC News reported that, not including the ring, the entire proposal cost $9,000 and took four months to put together. The couple plans to wed in March 2013.

Elaborate marriage proposals tend to make big news. In June, a man proposed to his girlfriend during a helicopter flight over the beach.

This year has also been the year of LEGO wedding proposals: Atlanta filmmaker Walt Thompson wowed in January with his stop-motion movie, and New Yorker Anthony Pinder won over his girlfriend Ariana Gomez in June with a similar production.

But just because it's complicated doesn't make a proposal especially charming. In April, a Canadian man live-tweeted his proposal for 12 hours, inspiring a bit of backlash.

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