Eight Out Of 10 Doctors 'Outliers'

07/13/2012 05:12 pm ET

Sean Trende weighs in on why neither candidate can move the polls.

Nate Silver argues that Obama may be stronger than his approval ratings.

Karl Rove says Obama's numbers are bad.

Alan Abramowitz revises his model, predicts very close 2012 election.

Mark Mellman and colleagues find that American Jews are still solidly Democratic; Andrea Stone has more.

Matthew Yglesias laments "perverse incentives" that produce polls of battleground states.

Felix Salmon explains how economists get tripped up by statistics and how charts can help us do better (via @JustinWolfers, @TimHarford).

John Sides answers Noam Scheiber on his perception of the political science conventional wisdom for 2012. Jonathan Bernstein has more, and more.

Media Matters takes on a conservative survey of doctors.