Swiss Gardeners Find Gold Ingots Worth $126,000 In Bush Near Town Of Klingnau

07/13/2012 02:29 pm ET

Have you misplaced a gold bar recently? Maybe a couple, even? How about ten, with an estimated worth of $126,000, near the Swiss border?

If so, police in the Swiss of town of Klingnau near the German border would like to speak with you. Gardeners stumbled across a number of unmarked gold bars, known as "ingots," under a bush while cutting grass there.

"I saw a package wrapped in white tissue paper, with lots of adhesive tape around it. It looked like a packet of drugs," said Jean-Marc Wenger, one of the workers, to The Local.

Police state that no one has reported them missing, adding to the intrigue. Under Swiss law, reports the Daily Mail, the workers can claim the gold as theirs if no one else proves ownership within five years.

European treasure hunters, even the inadvertent ones mentioned above, have had a great couple months. In late June, two English metal detector enthusiasts uncovered a stash of ancient coins worth an estimated $15.6 million.

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