The Batmobile. That's pretty much all we need to say.

If your coffee table needs a little more awesome, Insight Editions has come up with a "Complete History of The Batmobile". With blueprints, comic book images and plenty of movie and making-of stills, hopefully this slideshow of Batman's vehicular history will tide you over until Friday, when some new movie or other apparently comes out.

Where does he get those wonderful cars?

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  • 1966's Batmobile

    The eye-catching, TV-ready Batmobile of 1966.

  • Burton's Batmobile

    The Batmobile of Tim Burton's movies

  • Joel Schmacher's Batmobile

    The souped-up Batmobile that roared through director Joel Schumacher's candy-colored comic book fantasy

  • Schumacher's Batmobile

    Looks even better from the back

  • The Tumbler of Christoper Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy

  • Inside the Tumbler

    The Tumbler's surprisingly roomy cockpit, with its leather jump seats, comfortably holds two adults.

  • His other car is a bike

    The Bat-Pod enables Batman to pursue his enemies through smaller spaces and tighter corners.

  • Flying Car?

    In <em>The Dark Knight Rises</em>, a new flying vehicle is added to Batman's garage.

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