07/14/2012 07:36 pm ET

Ben Revere Near Catch: Twins OF Climbs Wall In Attempt At Amazing Grab Against Athletics (VIDEO)

Superlative effort does not always deliver the wanted result, even if the announcer thinks it did.

That was the case on Friday night when Twins outfielder Ben Revere made a bid to challenge Mike Trout for catch of the year by scaling a wall in the right-field corner at Target Field and holding himself at the top waiting for a ball to come down.

In the top of the fifth inning against Oakland, A's shortstop Brandon Hicks hit a high fly ball far down the first baseline. It sailed into foul territory near the right-field corner. Revere ran toward the high fence, scaled the wall and reached up to make the catch. The ball fell right into his glove. But then it bounced out.

Even the announcer initially believed that Revere had made the "phenomenal catch." For his part, Revere also looked stunned when he realized he didn't have the ball after coming down to earth in the outfield.

If he had made the catch, would it have beaten his snag from last season? Watch last year's catch and tell us what you think.