Jack White, 'Freedom At 21' Video: Singer Speeds, Gets Pulled Over By Sexy Traffic Cop (VIDEO)

07/16/2012 05:16 pm ET

Jack White has dropped his latest video for "Freedom at 21," one of the standout tracks off his first solo record, Blunderbuss. Directed by Hype Williams, the video finds Jack White on the run from the law after racking up more than a few traffic violations.

He gets stopped and frisked by a sexy traffic cop, then hauled off to jail, where a scantily clad inmate starts to grind on the him. Thankfully, White gets some alone time in the slammer, where he proceeds to sing in front of a wall like an old school rap video. (Williams is known primarily for his extensive work in hip-hop music videos, so it makes sense.) Before long, White breaks free -- along with his jailbird vixen -- and a high-speed car chase ensues.

Does White escape the fuzz? Does his flirtatious cellmate ever find a bra? Will that curious blue tint ever fade? Watch "Freedom at 21" above and find out.

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Jack White

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