07/17/2012 04:17 pm ET | Updated Jul 17, 2012

Intrepid 3-Year-Old Girl Scales Doorframe Chanting 'I Can Do It'

The first step to getting almost anywhere is confidence. And while the 3-year-old in the video above -- who has achieved Reddit fame this week -- may not be on track to climb Mount Everest in 10 years' time, she is convinced of one thing when it comes to wriggling up a doorframe in her house: She can do it.

A link to the video was posted on Reddit Monday with the caption: "Not sure where she got the idea for this but I should of known to be worried when my 3 year old daughter was quiet for 10 mins. Came downstairs and all I could hear was 'I can do it, I can do it.'"

The clip has already inspired many commenters to reminisce about their own door-scaling feats as kids -- and more than one copycat attempt. Hopefully, these fans have taken YouTube uploader 3yearoldninja's warning to heart: "This was undertaken by a highly trained three year old who was well aware of the risks involved (hey she put cushions down after the first couple of times she fell)."

If she doesn't find a career as an adventurer, perhaps this youngster and YouTube hero Jessica (of "daily affirmation" fame) can make it as a team of life coaches.

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