Evgen Eliseev Own Goal: Ukrainian Soccer Player Scores Past Own Goalkeeper (VIDEO)

07/17/2012 08:31 am ET

Soccer players, take note: If you're capable of bending it like Beckham then make sure you're facing in the right direction when you strike the ball.

Goverla defender Evgen Eliseev scored an incredible goal that, at first glance, seems worthy of any highlight show as the Ukrainian Premier League ushered in its 2012-13 season on Saturday. Unfortunately for Goverla, the score counted for the other team.

Already down by one goal, Eliseev tried getting to a loose ball about 30 yards from his own goal as a Chernomorets attacker closed in. Eliseev attempted to cut off the forward and deflected the ball back to his goalkeeper, presumably much harder than anticipated. Since Eliseev technically delivered a back-pass, the keeper was unable use his hands to handle the kick. Instead, he desperately attempted a header but the ball found the back of the net.

Goverla went on to lose the match, 3-2.

Though embarrassing for both involved, the Goverla players can look toward Matthew Evans to make them feel better. After all, at least neither earned a yellow card for this foolish fail.

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