Known as Louis C.K., "Louie" and sometimes simply "that ginger comedian," the comedy world's newest star offers us a bevy of choices with his many monikers.

But what is the "Louie" creator's actual name? Louis Szekely.

It's easy to see why the comedian turned his consonant-heavy surname into its phonetic equivalent. Although Szekely is pronounced “SAY-kay," Louis resorted to "C.K." in grade school.

But the funnyman isn't the only one to ditch his given name for something a little easier on the ears. Stars like Elton John (Reginald Kenneth Dwight), Meg Ryan (Margaret Hyra) and Michael Caine (Maurice Joseph Micklewhite) have all tossed their given names for a headline-friendly pseudonym.

Check out these celebrities with stage names below:

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  • Natalie Portman/Natalie Hershlag

  • Lana Del Rey/Elizabeth Grant

  • Louis C.K./Louis Szekely

  • Charlie Sheen/Carlos Irwin Estevez

  • Elton John/Reginald Kenneth Dwight

  • Meg Ryan/Margaret Hyra

  • Julie Andrews/Julia Elizabeth Wells

  • Pat Benatar/Patricia Mae Andrzejewski

  • Christie Brinkley/Christie Lee Hudson

  • Michael Caine/Maurice Joseph Micklewhite

  • Chevy Chase/Cornelius Crane Chase

  • Elvis Costello/Declan Patrick MacManus

  • Miley Cyrus/Destiny Hope Cyrus

  • Portia De Rossi/Amanda Lee Rogers

  • Dakota Fanning/Hannah Fanning

  • Steven Tyler/Steven Victor Tallarico

  • Alicia Keys/Alicia Augello Cook

  • Chuck Norris/Carlos Ray Norris

  • Larry King/Lawrence Harvey Zeiger

  • Spike Lee/Shelton Jackson Lee

  • Joan Rivers/Joan Alexandra Molinsky

  • Katy Perry/Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson

  • Tina Fey/Elizabeth Stamatina Fey

  • Joaquin Phoenix/Joaquin Rafael Bottom

  • Jack Black/Thomas Jacob Black

  • Tina Turner/Anna Mae Bullock

  • Christopher Walken/Ronald Walken

  • Demi Moore/Demetria Gene Guynes

  • Etta James/Jamesetta Hawkins

  • Marilyn Monroe/Norma Jean Mortenson

  • Fred Astaire/Frederick Austerlitz

  • Mel Brooks/Melvin Kaminsky

  • Vin Diesel/Mark Vincent

  • Jamie Foxx/Eric Marlon Bishop

  • Woody Allen/Allen Stewart Konigsberg

  • Tom Cruise/Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

  • Olivia Wilde/Olivia Jane Cockburn

  • Helen Mirren/Ilyena Vasilievna Mironoff

  • Bruce Willis/Walter Willis

  • Nicolas Cage/Nicholas Kim Coppola

  • Diane Keaton/Diane Hall

  • Catherine Deneuve/Catherine Dorleac

  • Ben Kingsley/Krishna Pandit Bhanji

  • Carmen Electra/Tara Leigh Patrick

  • Whoopi Goldberg/Caryn Elaine Johnson

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