07/17/2012 07:52 pm ET

Mark Hamill: Mitt Romney Is 'Not Actually Human' (VIDEO)

The actor who played Luke Skywalker in the original "Star Wars" trilogy has some choice words for Mitt Romney. Speaking at this weekend's Comic-Con in San Diego, Mark Hamill said the Republican candidate for president "is not actually human."

Here's the full quote, courtesy of On the Red Carpet (via Newsbusters): "If you don't vote for Barack Obama, you're insane. 'Cause without him, I think the middle class will completely disappear. And you look at Romney and I'm sure he's a nice guy, but I think he's like The Thing -- he only imitates human behavior. He's not actually human himself ... So God bless him, I'm enjoying him running for office but -- I just came out as a lifelong Democrat." (Watch video of Hamill's comments above, starting about one minute in.)

The Thing is a character from a movie by the same name which is based on a novel by John W. Campbell. It's scary because it can imitate anything it kills.

(Note: Luke Skywalker even gave Darth Vader the benefit of the doubt. He once said, of Vader, "There is good in him. I've felt it." Mark Hamill, doesn't feel quite the same way about Mitt Romney.)

Hamill's comments come in the same week as comedian and TV host Jerry Springer effusively praised the President. “I was honored to meet with President Obama today and felt the meeting was substantive,” Springer said Monday. “He’s so competent and so smart, I just don't see why we wouldn't want him for four more years as president.”

Brad Pitt's mother and [Angelina Jolie's father] Jon Voight excepted, it seems as though Obama remains Hollywood's favorite. What effect this all has come November, however, remains to be seen.

Below, a gallery of celebrities and the politicians they support.

Obama With Celebrities


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