07/17/2012 09:07 am ET | Updated Feb 14, 2014

20 Times Salted Caramel Made Dessert Even Better (RECIPES)

Brown Eyed Baker

Salted caramel has quickly made its way into the mainstream dessert world. Once considered a novelty only found in artisanal shops, you can now find Chips Ahoy making salted caramel chocolate chip cookies -- and to be honest, we couldn't be more thrilled.

While we love caramel just as it is (and we would never turn it down), when it's sprinkled with salt it becomes more complex, more well-rounded and, well, a little bit more grown up. Salted caramel tastes great plain (by the spoonful), but it also makes a great addition to cupcakes, tarts, brownies and puddings.

Here are the 20 best ways you can get more salted caramel into your life:

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