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Joe Paterno Statue Threatened To Be Removed By Banner Plane

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Although Penn State's Board of Trustees has yet to decide what to do with the bronze statue of Joe Paterno outside of the football stadium, the views of many others have been loud and clear: Take it down!

Overwhelmingly, there have been calls to the tear the statue down in the wake of the scathing report issued by former F.B.I director Louis Freeh, which implicates Paterno and a small group of top ranking PSU administrators in covering up the crimes of Jerry Sandusky. On Tuesday, the latest call to have the statue removed came from the sky.

Various reporters and news sites captured images of an airplane flying around the Penn Status campus towing a banner that read, "Take down the statue or we will."

Click HERE for a full-sized photo.

According to the Centre Daily Times, operator of Air America Aerial Ads James Miller flew the plane and refused to reveal who paid for the banner.

In response to the airborne threat, a small group of students congregated at the statue to protect it on Tuesday evening.

The statue isn't the only contentious issue surrounding the university in the days after the Freeh report was released. The PSU student group managing the outside of Beaver Stadium where students camp out for football tickets have changed the tent city's name from Paternoville to Nittanyville.

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