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17 Tips For A Healthier Lifestyle, From Celebrity Fitness Expert Lacey Stone

First Posted: 07/19/2012 10:14 am Updated: 07/23/2012 12:06 pm

At, we believe that a healthy lifestyle is an important part to living well and achieving your dreams. But, we also know that getting fit can be a challenge. And with so many workout options and endless diet plans out there, how to start getting fit can be a daunting decision. So I reached out to the fabulous celebrity fitness expert, Lacey Stone, for some advice on how to get started, stay focused and find success in the gym and beyond. I thought her tips were incredibly motivating and I hope you do too.--MT,

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  • Set Goals

    When you want to achieve something it's important that you set realistic goals and monitor their progress at the end of every day. Some realistic, achievable, measurable goals could be: To lose 5lbs, To Keep and check a daily Food Diary, or: To get 30-60mins of cardio a certain number of days a week. Commit to these goals for a specific length of time, say one month and reassess after that time. What works? What feels good? Are you ready for an additional challenge? And, just as important: How will you reward yourself for your commitment and success? A movie night with friends? A small portion of that treat you've been craving? Celebrating your successes creates momentum and motivation to keep moving forward.

  • Keep A Food Diary

    It's very important that you keep track of what you eat. If you don't know what you're eating, how can you change it? There are always patterns in eating, once you find your negative patterns it's much easier to change to positive eating patterns.

  • Music

    Make working out more fun by downloading your favorite tunes on a portable electronic device when you workout. Music will distract you from boredom and keep you on track.

  • One Day At A Time

    Don't get overwhelmed by the process. Do the best you can do every day and it will add up to the results you are looking for.

  • Mentor

    Seek out someone who's already been there. Ask them for advice and guidance as to what they think you need to do to get on the right track. If you prefer professional guidance to a personal mentor there are wonderful life coaches to be found, specializing in health, fitness, nutrition and in all areas life.

  • People

    Who you choose to surround yourself with is a direct reflection on how you see yourself. If you want to be fit, successful, healthier, surround yourself with people who actually represent that in their own lives and who will support you in your goals.

  • Self-Talk

    It's important that you monitor your internal voice and make sure it's sending you the right signals. Pay attention to the negative things that we often say without thinking: "I'm so stupid." "I feel disgusting." Instead, choose some positive affirmations you can replace those with, and repeat them to yourself when you get overwhelmed. "I got this." "No Fear." "Who Better?"

  • Consistency

    You don't have to work out for an hour every time you hit the gym. Do as much as you can but do something. Just stay consistent and learn to build the healthy pattern. Showing up sometimes is half the battle.

  • Adventure

    Try something new. Working out doesn't have to be the gym. You can go for a hike, take a tennis lesson, or even do a dance class. Fitness needs to be fun for you to be consistent so do something that makes you smile.

  • Trainer

    When selecting a trainer, boot camp, or class at the gym you should be very selective about the instructor you choose. Make sure they inspire you and make you want to come back for more.

  • Sleep

    Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial to your health. Sleep helps with motivation and mood. When you don't get enough sleep it's easier to cancel on your workouts and "accidentally" over eat in an attempt to gain more energy.

  • Get Organized

    Lay out your workout clothes, as well as your professional outfit before you go to bed so you have no excuse not to workout in the morning because you "ran out of time".

  • Schedule It In

    Living a well balanced healthy life needs to be as important to you as excelling at work if you want to be successful. Plan out your week ahead of time and schedule your workouts in like brushing your teeth. Commit to your workout, or cooking your healthy meal as seriously as you do to your presentation at work and you will make real progress.

  • Prioritize

    Living a well-balanced life isn't easy, so you need to decide what is important to you so you can create balance. FAMILY, HEALTH, WORK, FRIENDS in no particular order. Every week is a balancing act and you need to make sure all areas are getting the appropriate amount of attention. If you allow one to falter it will spike your unhappiness. As an adult it's your job to make sure you are giving all four areas the right amount of attention. It's ok if some weeks certain areas don't shine, that just means you know what to work on next week. Little by little you create a balanced life. Being aware that it's something that is in your control to balance is empowering. It just takes some consistent attention and disciplined focus.

  • Stop The Insanity

    No pill, new diet, or new workout is the answer to your health and happiness. Stop looking for a trick -- there are no tricks. You need to get real, organized, and start working toward your goal if you want long-term success and happiness.

  • Breathe

    When all else fails take a deep breath. There are no shortcuts in fitness or life. All you can do is take it one day at a time and check in with your goals. You will get there if you stick to it and keep on breathing. Your goals don't stop until you do.

  • Weigh-Ins

    Do not weigh yourself daily. Weigh yourself weekly at the same time of day each time. Weighing yourself daily is anxiety producing and can be discouraging as your weight can fluctuate over the course of a day by five or more pounds.

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