07/18/2012 05:47 pm ET

Norah O'Donnell Recalls High-Pressure Moment At White House (VIDEO)

At the beginning of her tenure as CBS News' White House correspondent, there was one moment where Norah O'Donnell "made everybody in the control almost have a heart attack."

O'Donnell reflected on her past week guest hosting "CBS This Morning," and her year at the network in a new video posted on Wednesday. She said it was "fun" and "a real privilege" to cover the White House, adding that there was a lot of travel and time on the road.

When asked to describe some of the highlights of the past year, one situation stuck out in her mind. O'Donnell said that she was in a press briefing about the debt crisis last summer when her producer told her to get on-air. She was still waiting for President Obama to take her question, and he called on her with ten minutes to go before airtime.

"And then they said in my ear, the control room, 'you're killing us!' at 6:26," O'Donnell recalled. She ran outside and made it to the camera with seconds to spare. Watch her re-enact the high-pressure moment in the clip above.


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