07/18/2012 09:54 am ET

Weightlifter Sarah Robles's Journey To The Olympics Is Looking Up

Robles's story of fighting poverty and body-image issues on her way to the London games has resonated with thousands of people since appearing in Time magazine and on BuzzFeed Shift. Thanks to their help, she's raised a bundle of money and accrued a legion of supporters rallying to get her sponsorships, magazine covers, and more. Here's a full update on what's new with her career.

1. She's raised more than $16,000.

Shortly after the BuzzFeed story was published, Robles' friend Dustin Kerns started a campaign on fundraising website Indiegogo to raise money to help Robles and her coach, Joe Micela, prepare for and travel to London. Since posting the link in our comments section and across the Web, he's raised $16,000. (You can still donate here.)

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