07/19/2012 01:49 pm ET | Updated Sep 18, 2012

Prominent Romney Defender Harvey Pitt Has Lobbying Ties to Bain

Pitt's defense of Romney--claiming that Romney's signature on Bain-related SEC documents during the years in question are insignificant--has been cited in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and on Meet the Press. He told the Times, among other outlets, that dozens of filings showing Romney was CEO of Bain between 1999 and 2002 had "nothing to do with who's actually running Bain Capital." Romney's surrogates, like Ed Gillespie, have trotted out Pitt's name to dismiss any questions from the press.

What the media hasn't reported, however, is that Pitt is now a bank lobbyist with ties to Romney's former firm.

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