07/19/2012 12:30 pm ET

Nils Persson Sliced By Scalpel Hidden Behind His Bus Seat

Nils Persson, a resident of Lulea, Sweden, became the victim of a bizarre act of bus sabotage Monday night when he sat on a seat that contained a hidden scalpel.

He didn't have any problems during his ride, but when it was time to get up, Persson, 34, felt a pain in his upper leg followed by severe amounts of gushing blood, according to the Swedish news website the Local

Upon closer examination, Persson discovered that someone had strategically embedded a scalpel into the front of the bus seat causing a gash in his thigh six inches long and required eight stitches, according to the Swedish language website Kuriren

The scalpel was so tightly fitted that a workman needed forceps to get it and still managed to cut himself doing the job.

Persson had cutting remarks for whoever put the weapon in his seat.

"I hope that whoever installed the blade understand how much damage is done," he told Kuriren.Nu. "What if a child had been sitting there, it could have ended really badly."

Police were notified of Persson's injuries and, according to GP.SE, officials are describing the incident as sabotage.