UCSF Zombie Protest: Students Fight Fee Hikes With 'Thriller' Performance At Regents Meeting (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

07/19/2012 07:27 pm ET

Zombies have descended upon UCSF, and this time they're looking to devour the school's Regents.

The UC Board of Regents meeting on Wednesday morning was the stage for a zombie-themed protest, during which demonstrators interrupted the event for fifteen minutes with a rendition of Michael Jackson's "Thriller".

Students, staff and members of the public dressed as zombies at the Mission Bay campus of UCSF to demand that the UC Board of Regents stop fee and tuition hikes.


“We’re dressed like zombies because the debt is killing us,” Matt Wade, a UC Berkeley doctoral student told the Daily Californian.

The protestors utilized a "mic-check" to state their criticism of potential fee increases to UC professional graduate programs, reported KTVU.

Many of the participants spoke in favor of Governor Jerry Brown's tax initiative as a more comprehensive solution to the approved 20 percent tuition increase on 57 programs, and the likely UC wide, mid-year tuition increase.

If passed, Prop 30 would channel $125 million in new tax revenue to the UC system and allow a one year freeze of tuition hikes.

The zombie mob was forced to flee when UCSF police announced they were ready to make arrests or use force to control the crowd. But the Board of Regents did vote to endorse Governor Brown's tax initiative shortly after calm was restored.

Lt. Governor Gavin Newson, who voted against the graduate tuition increases, tweeted about the ordeal:

Tuition hike vs. tax measure is not the discussion we should be having. Need to discuss long term solutions, not short-sighted compromises.

Scroll thorough the sideshow below to see photos from the protest, and watch KTVU's live footage of the 'Thriller' showdown.

Zombie Protest At UCSF
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