Aurora Shooting Raw Video: Witness Films Aftermath Of Colorado Movie Theater Shooting

07/20/2012 12:46 pm 12:46:00 | Updated Jul 20, 2012

Raw video of the Aurora shooting taken by an Android phone has been posted on YouTube by a witness of the tragedy that left 12 dead and 50 injured.

The chaotic scene, filmed early Friday morning outside Century 16 movie theater in Colorado, shows the aftermath of the deadly shooting as moviegoers exited the theater.

"Good thing we're not in that movie dude," an onlooker remarks to a friend in the video.

A victim of the shooting with blood visible on his clothing is escorted out of the theater by law enforcement around the 00:53 mark.

Watch the video for yourself above, live blog with the latest updates and slideshow from the shooting, below:

Batman Premiere Shooting At Century 16 Cinema
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