07/20/2012 08:31 am ET | Updated Jul 20, 2012

Touring The Comic Universe's Cities (PHOTOS)

The Dark Knight Rises arrives on Friday amidst yet another movie season dominated by superheroes. Spiderman has already been amazing and the Avengers have, well, avenged. All this leaves audiences occupying the strange space between an increasingly realistic fictional universe and what can feel like an increasingly fictional real universe.

It begs the question: What if we could travel between these two plains of existence?

If it was suddenly possible to book a flight to Gotham, Metropolis or even Judge Dredd's Mega City One, our box office receipts indicate that we would do so immediately. These cities offer, after all, heightened versions of our own neighborhoods. Thor's Asgard is basically The Hague designed by The Donald and Conan's Cinameria is little more than a medieval Phuket.

Here are HuffPost Travel's guides to the comic book universe's great destinations. Because you'll want to have an itinerary before you pack your cape.

A Traveler's Guide To Comic Cities