The Dark Knight Rises arrives on Friday amidst yet another movie season dominated by superheroes. Spiderman has already been amazing and the Avengers have, well, avenged. All this leaves audiences occupying the strange space between an increasingly realistic fictional universe and what can feel like an increasingly fictional real universe.

It begs the question: What if we could travel between these two plains of existence?

If it was suddenly possible to book a flight to Gotham, Metropolis or even Judge Dredd's Mega City One, our box office receipts indicate that we would do so immediately. These cities offer, after all, heightened versions of our own neighborhoods. Thor's Asgard is basically The Hague designed by The Donald and Conan's Cinameria is little more than a medieval Phuket.

Here are HuffPost Travel's guides to the comic book universe's great destinations. Because you'll want to have an itinerary before you pack your cape.

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  • Gotham

    <strong>Influenced By:</strong> Director Christopher Nolan mashed up New York and Chicago to create Gotham, but the Windy City definitely appears to be the bigger influence. <strong>Must See Attraction:</strong> Though the monorails radiating out of Wayne Tower have been out of service for several years, the top floor offers the city's best vantage point for surveying the perpetual evening. <strong>Act Like A Local: </strong>Behave in a self-interested manner. Panic easily. Fail to recognize the lower half of your intimate friend's faces. Always be clad in evening wear. <strong>Best Time To Visit:</strong> Gotham's art galleries and museums can get terribly crowded in the summer so it is best to go in winter or during a major hostage crisis. <strong>Notable Residents:</strong> Batman, Bane and Catwoman.

  • Metropolis

    <strong>Influenced By:</strong> Because Metropolis was the first city designed almost purely as a playground for a comic book hero, it is generally portrayed in a less-stylized way by filmmakers and artists. It is the San Diego of comic book cities: unobjectionable but ultimately less than memorable. <strong>Must See Attraction:</strong> Though the city's best known site is the globe atop the Daily Planet's building, it is worth lingering in the few museums and jewelry stores that haven't been burgled. <strong>Act Like A Local:</strong> Speak rapidly. If you wear glasses, you will be unconditionally accepted. <strong>Best Time To Visit:</strong> While Superman is out of town. His presence seems to attract villains like a light attracts moths or a story based on Jewish anxieties <a href="" target="_hplink">attracts American Studies professors</a>. <strong>Notable Residents:</strong>Superman, gainfully-employed journalists.

  • Asgard

    <strong>Influenced By</strong>: The <a href="" target="_hplink">lyrics of Led Zeppelin</a> and some seriously old books. From the looks of it, probably Trapper Keeper illustrations as well. <strong>Must See Attraction</strong>: Asgard is best known for its halls. This is a strange thing to be known for, but they are definitely very nice halls, as fars as halls go. <strong>Act Like A Local</strong>: Get a catchphrase and a helmet. <strong>Best Time To Visit</strong>: <a href="" target="_hplink">Ragnarok</a>. <strong>Notable Residents:</strong>Thor, Odin and Loki. Also <a href="" target="_hplink">Stringer Bell</a>.

  • Paradise Island

    <strong>Inspired By:</strong> Hard to say. The ancient society of Amazons rumored to have existed in Northern Africa and the <a href="" target="_hplink">Island of Lesbos</a> as described in myth seem relevant, but the place better resembles an even more estrogen soaked West Elm outlet. <strong>Must See Attraction:</strong> Travelers like to come here because traveling to a Communist county is an exotic experience and <a href="" target="_hplink">Vietnam can be a real pain</a> to get to. There are also a lot of sample sales. <strong>Act Like A Local:</strong> Two words: diaphanous gowns. <strong>Best Time To Visit: </strong> Avoid Mother's Day. <strong>Notable Residents:</strong>Wonder Woman.

  • New York

    <strong>Influenced By:</strong> The key difference between the New York occupied Spider Man and the New York occupied by real New Yorkers is that financial crimes don't seem to be a major problem in the fictionalized city. <strong>Must See Attraction:</strong> The Statue of Liberty is nice, but to really get New York you have to walk around the streets, talking to people in neighborhood shops and getting mugged repeatedly. <strong>Act Like A Local:</strong> Become a crude Irish or Italian stereotype or go into bio-engineering. <strong>Best Time To Visit:</strong> Not in summer. New York is very hot in summer. <strong>Notable Residents:</strong>Spiderman, Daredevil, Venom, Green Goblin and James Franco.

  • Sin City

    <strong>Influenced By: </strong>The comic takes its polarized look from old Los Angeles noir films and the film features geographic features --notably a tar pit -- that seem tied to Southern California. Given the women's attire, it would also make sense that the city be someplace warm. <strong>Must See Attraction: </strong>Visitors to Sin City say they come for the nightlife, but they really come for the women, who are uniformly gorgeous and -- more often than not -- gorgeously uniformed. Though it is often overshadowed by the enormous amount of street violence, a local micro-brewing culture has sprung up over the last several years. <strong>Act Like A Local: </strong>Carry on an inner monologue while stalking down a dark street in a duster. Shoot someone in the face. <strong>Best Time To Visit:</strong> It is best to visit when the Moon is almost full because there is a real dearth of street lights. <strong>Notable Residents:</strong>Marv, Miho and Dwight McCarthy.

  • Mega City

    <strong>Influenced By</strong>: The city seems to be a tribute to the public housing projects of the 1960s. It is part Stuyvesant Town and part Pruitt-Igoe and East St. Louis. <strong>Must See Attraction</strong>: Mega City is a bit on the repetitive side, but fans of brutalist architecture will likely enjoy the skyscrapers. <strong>Act Like A Local</strong>: Wear muted clothes. Wordlessly accept the police state. <strong>Best Time To Visit</strong>: Smog is a major issue in Mega City, so you'll want to go in the fall when wind carries away the distopian clouds. <strong>Notable Residents:</strong> Judge Dredd and Rob Schneider.

  • Oa

    <strong>Inspired By</strong>: The place seems a bit like Dubai, but is ultimately a cooler and more effective version of the U.N. Lanterns park wherever they want. <strong>Must See Attraction</strong>: The bright green spotlight shooting out of the giant lantern in the middle of the city is Oa's most noted attraction, but the Polish quarter is also quite nice. <strong>Act Like A Local</strong>: Where something extremely tight and sound like you're perpetually shilling a self-help book on a daytime talk show. <strong>Best Time To Visit</strong>: We strongly recommend you don't. The Lanterns are uptight pricks. <strong>Notable Residents:</strong> The Green Lantern Corps.

  • Cinimeria

    <strong>Influenced By</strong>: The landscape of Conan is a hodgepodge of Middle Eastern and Asian constructions populated by immoral white people. Macau basically. <strong>Must See Attraction</strong>: How many cities boast a naturally occuring screaming skull waterfall? Not many. <strong>Act Like A Local</strong>: Wear leather clothing with complicated straps. Lie in a pile of dead people. <strong>Best Time To Visit</strong>: Summer is the best time for bird watching. <strong>Notable Residents:</strong> Conan The Barbarian and Nicholas the Architectural Historian.

  • Hell

    <strong>Inspired By</strong>: The religious furor of early middle ages. Driving on an L.A. freeway. <strong>Must See Attraction</strong>: A visit to Hell offers the adventure traveler a chance to see the eternal suffering of their families. Sells itself really. <strong>Act Like A Local</strong>: Walk on all fours and don't have half a head or marry Gwen Stefani. <strong>Best Time To Visit</strong>: Winter. <strong>Notable Residents:</strong> John Constantine, The Devil, John Wayne Gacy, Hitler, Stalin and the 1919 Chicago White Sox.