07/23/2012 08:39 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Best Driving Moccasins For Women: Shoes From Tory Burch, Tod's And More (PHOTOS)

Moccasins have always been of the Minnetonka variety, at least in my mind. Cute leather slippers for wearing around the house; even cuter were the teeny versions for little kids.

Then I moved to LA, and I realized that moccasins were to Beverly Hills what Uggs were to New York: comfortable footwear to be worn all the time, at least when you're not wearing heels. Driving moccasins are so named because the soft leather bottom makes for a more tactile experience on the pedals. (Side note: Can you imagine, shoes just for driving? File that in "Maybe, one day" category.) My Minnetonkas had gotten a serious upgrade: Now available in all colors and even various skins, not to mention that style star Gwyneth Paltrow was the face of Tod's advertising campaign.

These days, the casual footwear is no longer associated with just the Kardashians and the yachting set. Rather, they're a polished alternative to ballet flats, and a great transition into fall. Wear them now with Bermuda shorts for a day out and about, and come fall, pair them with cropped jeans and a striped sweater when temperatures drop.

Herewith, 11 pairs of driving moccasins. Your feet will thank you.

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Every Girl Should Own: Driving Moccasins