Frank Pierson, the Oscar-winning screenwriter behind "Dog Day Afternoon," has died at the age of 87, multiple sources report. According to his family, Pierson died in Los Angeles.

Pierson was a legendary screenwriter during his life. In addition to "Dog Day Afternoon" -- which featured the immortal moment when star Al Pacino shouted "Attica!" outside of the bank his character was robbing, a reference to the Attica prison riot -- Pierson wrote the Oscar-nominated scripts for "Cool Hand Luke" and "Cat Ballou." He also adapted and directed the 1976 version of "A Star is Born" with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.

In recent years, Pierson has done a lot of television work, most notably on "Mad Men." He was a consulting producer on the show for 25 episodes, and co-wrote the season five episode "Signal 30."

Pierson was also the president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences from 2001-2005.

Below, check out a gallery of Pierson's best film and television work.

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  • Dog Day Afternoon Trailer

    Screening July 14th at the Coney Island Saturday Night Film Series.

  • Memorable movie moments-Dog day afternoon

    Dog day afternoon, the retelling of the real life attempted bank robbery in New York by Sonny Wortzik and his partner Sal remains culturally significant because of the character that was Sonny Wortzik and what he stood for, a desperate man in uneasy times. Pacino's performance is so brilliant and captivating that you could pick any amount of time and it would be memorable . I decided to stick with this scene as it involves sonny getting the crowd on his side and effectively manipulating the forces. The use of the word attica is important as this revolves around the police mess up that occured their and even though you cant condone sonny's actions, he becomes something of a legendary anti-hero. Pacino makes the character as desperate and intense as possible and whats also easy to see is the exact tension that takes place. You can almost 'cut the air with a knife' as they say.

  • Cat Ballou - Trailer

    Original 1965 motion picture trailer.

  • Cool Hand Luke (1967) trailer

    More here:

  • Cool Hand Luke Boxing Scene

    The scene from Cool Hand Luke where Luke gets up every time he's knocked down.

  • A star is born - Evergreen

    Evergreen - A star is born

  • A Star is Born 1976 TV trailer

    One of the Two Oscars for Barbra Streisand - A must see music masterpiece

  • Inside Episode 505 Mad Men: Signal 30

    The cast and crew of Mad Men explore the tentative nature of business relationships in episode 505. AMC : Mad Men : AMC on Facebook : AMC on Twitter : Sign Up for the AMC Newsletter : Subscribe to the AMC Channel :

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