07/24/2012 10:51 am ET

Andrew Gosselin, Bentley University Student, Drains 90 Three Point Shots With One Hand (VIDEO)

Sign Andrew Gosselin up for the Dream Team because he hits one-handed threes in his sleep.

Gosselin, a student at Bentley University and a guard on the basketball team, set up a camera at Boston Sports Club and went 90 of 92 from behind the arc with one hand in 15 minutes. The video he uploaded to YouTube is sped to four times normal speed, so watch him sink them in 3:27.

"Definitely feel like I lost a lot of rhythm by having to rebound my own shots though," Gosselin wrote on YouTube. "Will try again sometime later when I can get someone to rebound for me."

The Awesome Boston blog doesn't think Gosselin needs to explain anything about losing his rhythym, calling it "freakishly impressive."