07/25/2012 10:31 am ET

Stuffed Mountain Lion Scares Laguna Beach Woman Into 911 Call (VIDEO)

A mountain lion sleeping on your neighbor's patio table is a good reason to call 911. So Beverly Bradham of Laguna Beach, Calif., did the right thing, KABC-TV reported Tuesday.

Only this lion wasn't going to wake up. Ever. It was stuffed long ago by a taxidermist. Animal Control arrived on the scene to assure a panicked Bradham that the big cat was no more interested in napping or eating than a Hello Kitty doll.

It was all a prank intended to scare another neighbor, but Bradham spotted the lion first.

WATCH the video above from KABC-TV.


Last week, another mountain lion was captured nearby and relocated to a private zoo. Photos of the moutain lion's initial capture courtesy of the California Department of Fish & Game.

OC Mountain Lion Captured