07/26/2012 04:41 pm ET | Updated Jul 26, 2012

Urbanspoon Guides: LA Restaurant Reviews By Chefs & Foodies

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We hope you're hungry!

Urbanspoon, an online user-generated restaurant guide, has just released a new feature that allows Angelenos to explore and share the best of LA's many restaurants through user-generated lists.

Urbanspoon Guides are curated lists of the best restaurants in the city, created by prominent chefs, critics and foodies. Everyone, from chefs like Michael Bryant and Richard Blais to regular food-lovers, can make lists to recommend their favorite digs.

It makes sense that Urbanspoon would launch the new feature with celebrity chefs' lists; after all, if you like the food they cook, you'd probably like the food they eat. As it stands now though, all the professionals are listing obvious gourmet standards like Animal, Osteria Mozza, and Pizzeria Mozza.

Indeed, while Urbanspoon is promoting their celebrity-curated guides, it looks like the non-professionals are doing the more intriguing work.

Some of the most exciting lists that we've come across so far include "Gastropub Grubbin'," "Tasty Food With A View," and "Favorite Late-Night Eats."

It could be a simple and useful way to explore LA's restaurants, cafés, bars, and food trucks based on trusted curators' recommendations -- as long as regular folk get on board, and fast.

Check out a slideshow of one of the most user-friendly lists so far -- cheap eats!

Urbanspoon Guides: LA Cheap Eats